God has already made a great journey to you.  

He sent His Son, Jesus to make the way possible for you to find Him and His plan for you.

Why did Jesus make this voyage across time and space to encounter us?  Because we have all sinned against God and are incapable of paying the debt we owe against God’s offended holiness. 

Jesus came to die in our place and thereby make it possible for us to be forgiven and adopted into God’s heavenly family.  He then rose for the dead to prove His victory over sin and after appearing to people for 40 days He returned to Heaven. 

So how do we respond to this great adventure?  How can you cause what Jesus did for you to be made into the turning point of your life?

The Bible answers that for us in Romans 10:9.  “…if you confess with your mouth, ‘Lord, Jesus’, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.”

If you know that you have sinned against God and want to be forgiven, then this is how you find forgiveness and establish Jesus as your Lord.  Note that if you do these two things, Jesus will save you: confess Him as Lord and believe in His resurrection.

Do you believe He rose physically from the dead?  If not, watch this video and learn why you should.  If you do believe Jesus rose from the dead, then that gives you the faith to know He can also raise you from the dead. 

Now, back to the first part, have you confessed Jesus as Lord?  The word “confess” refers to a public statement, like you would give in a courtroom.  It is a public confession.  You should confess to Jesus that you are making Him Lord of your life but then you should also share that with other believers.  They will rejoice and help you to know how to continue this new journey with Jesus.

Here is a salvation prayer that you can pray to Jesus.  “Dear Jesus, I admit that I have sinned and that I need you.  Thank you for dying for me, to pay for my sins.  Lord, I believe that You rose from the dead and I now give You my life.  Jesus, You are my Lord and Savior.  Thank You for saving me. Amen.”

If you are making this decision today then please let us know.  This is just the beginning of your wonderful new adventure with Jesus.  We want to help you with the next steps of your journey into God’s plan for your life.

If you still need convincing of your need of Jesus, check out this video