Our Lord commanded us to reach every nation, tribe and people group (Matt. 28: 18- 20). Because the Lord commanded this, it must be a mission that is possible to complete. If we do not succeed in this assignment then our lack of success cannot be attributed to the Lord, but our failure is either tied to a lack of faith or a lack of obedience or both.

We will not attempt anything less than reaching of all the world with the good news of Jesus. Our strategy includes the establishment of churches which can help believers to be baptized, grow as new Christians and multiply until everyone is reached.

The IBC GO Center has successfully found a way to implement this strategy in one of the most difficult to reach high population centers in the world. We now expand our reach by helping others to use our strategy to target other unreached areas.

Our realistic goal is to see the day within this generation where everyone in the world has access to the Gospel through the ministries of local New Testament Churches.