Below are some of the teachings and principles adopted by our church which shape our fellowship.
  • The Word of God is our perfect guide.  Preaching and teaching the “full counsel of God” (Acts 20:27), without compromise, is what keeps us on task.
  • The membership is a family: imperfect, forgiving, mutually accountable, and mutually dependent.
  • Every member has a unique, God-given purpose and is expected to seek, find, and implement that purpose with the help of leaders, programs, and other members.  Everyone should have at least one ministry.  (The tool: “Your Journey with Jesus” is used to assist members with this task.) 
  • The accepted primary task of the church is the reaching of the nations for Jesus Christ.  Our fellowship is, by faith, lifting the full weight of this commission and has a strategy to reach the remaining peoples who have not had a clear hearing of the Gospel.  (It is for this reason we have named our property and buildings The Global Outreach Center.)
  • Every member is challenged to participate in biblical giving and to see it as a primary element in empowering the church to reach her God-given goals.
  • Family is a focal point.  Property and buildings are intentionally “men friendly” because the family and church are strongest when men are present and leading.
  • Many major ministries are led and staffed by volunteers.  This includes worship teams, tech teams, grounds keeping teams, adult ministries, and more. 
  • Worship is considered in a broad context.  Music, preaching, praying, witnessing, representing Jesus at work, school, and the community are all considered acts of worship.
  • IBC intentionally tries to build the Lord’s Kingdom rather than build “our” church.  We believe this is part of the Lord’s teaching in Matthew 16:18, 19.  If we focus on the Lord’s Kingdom the size and needs of the church will be under His control.
  • As members we expect of each other that we should be soul-winners and that we encourage those needing a church to consider Immanuel.
  • Audacious faith.  We believe the Lord wants to reach the world and that the only barrier is our limited faith.  We choose to attempt that which is humanly impossible so that when great things are accomplished only the Lord can receive the credit.
  • Jesus said that as representatives of His kingdom we were to be salt and light. Therefore we seek to use our influence and leadership to draw the culture into the proper position of respect for the Lord and His truth.
  • No fear of “failure”.  We will be intentional in our approach to ministry but when we try the unusual or the humanly impossible we will not be discouraged by setbacks.  We try, we learn, and then we try again.
  • Dynamic ministries are a necessity.  The use of new technologies is mixed with traditional ministry and other ingredients to yield success in building the Lord’s Kingdom.
  • Diversity of membership.  We enjoy a membership that includes people of all ages, multiple nationalities, various income levels, and a diversification of vocations.  We celebrate our mix because it keeps us flexible enough to continue to reach every people group in NW Arkansas and the world.