momentum vision letter

Dear Fellow Warrior,

As we have been learning about our part in the Battle of the Ages we have discovered just how to use the weapons of spiritual warfare. One of our weapons is called Stewardship; which is how we handle the resources God entrusts to us.

This winter we are going to focus on what the Bible has to say about money. It is part of the emphasis for 2019 that we are calling Momentum. There are over 800 passages in the Bible that address our personal finances. Jesus talked more about money than any other subject while He was on the earth. Therefore, we are determined to help one another to become free from the bondage of debt so that we can all enjoy the power and freedom of generosity.

We are calling this emphasis Momentum: Breaking the Chains of Financial Bondage.

Right now in America, 78% of families are living paycheck to paycheck and 7 of 10 families do not budget. The average consumer debt is over $275,000 with much of it involving credit cards that average 16.14% in interest charged.

•Imagine what kind of freedom you would have if all of your debts were gone in 10 years or less. So many of us have generous hearts but we cannot act on that generosity because of financial bondage.

•Imagine being able to pass on to your children a debt-free lifestyle.

•Imagine the relief of stress in your life when living debt free. What would that do to help your marriage, your planning for the future, and your freedom to do ministry?

Our strategy to accomplish this is by using Financial Peace University (FPU), a Dave Ramsey Ministry. We have used this tool for over a decade at IBC, but now we would like to see every person and family go through it simultaneously. What an encouraging and life-changing season this will be. Doing it together will encourage and strengthen everyone as it also financially strengthens our fellowship and our global outreach.

FPU is a 9 week study and we will be offering classes at different `mes and places so that everyone can fit it into their schedule. Classes cover budgeting basics, investments, debt retirement, and more.

Those who complete FPU have demonstrated great success. For example, on average people experienced:

•$5,300 of debt retired in the first 90 days

•$2,700 in new savings in the first 90 days

•81% of married couples do a monthly zero-based budget after FPU

•Giving to the Lord’s work doubles because of the freedom gained.

We cannot wait so see what this will do for our fellowship. It will be a great way to honor our Lord and encourage one another while taking a formidable weapon out of the hands of our enemy.

Breaking the chains of debt will bring to each person, family, and to our fellowship a new Momentum!

For His Glory,

Pastor Tom

Jer. 33:3